The Tokidoki Gal 「ザ・時々ギャル」

I'm just a gal who likes to draw sometimes. Feel free to give me suggestions, comments, requests in my ask.

Shot 2 of my short The Radio Robot.

It’s not quite finished yet, but one day I’ll finish it; I promised myself that.

When given the task of creating an example of Squash and Stretch, I did this. (Again not perfect, but me and computers aren’t friends so the timing is a bit off).

My first spin with After Effects, my teacher wanted me to play with position, rotation, opacity, and scale and create a sense of motion parallax. It’s certainly not my best work, but its a start.

My first animation for ANI 101. By far not finished, but hopefully sometime in the future I’ll have time to work on it. So far I titled it ReCharge.

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